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About Physio for Seniors

We have been in the healthcare industry for over twenty years providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to seniors living in retirement and assisted-living homes. Our staff is specially trained in geriatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation teams work in the senior homes most days from 9 am to 5 pm, although schedules may be different in different homes in order to accommodate the schedule of the residents better. This may include later hours or weekends. We try to offer the best service at the most convenient time for our clients, as this increases their engagement in the program.

While we have been around for many years now, we find ourselves continually growing. We get many requests from seniors to offer our services in their homes, and feel like now is the right time to start expanding into homes that do not get these kinds of services. A regular exercise regimen improves the quality of life of those living in homes, and we want more people to take advantage of it.

The Physio for Seniors Difference

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our patience and understanding. We not only specialize in geriatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation but also understand the unique challenges that people face as they grow older and begin to struggle with memory and being independent.

One aspect that makes us second to none is the ability we have to form great relationships with the seniors we work with. Trust and flexibility are very important when working with people who may have problems with memory and becoming more vulnerable. We understand that without trust we are unable to do the exercise program so that they can reap the benefits, and so we get to know our clients in order for this to be a pleasant experience for them.

Most mobile physiotherapy programs work only with the one person they go see in the home. This can keep costs high as they may only be in the home for one appointment once a week. Because we have a full day worth of appointments each day, we can keep our costs low. The one other company that runs a program similar to ours, is huge and has a higher staff turnover. This, we believe, does not help with maintaining relationships with the clients which is why we function in small teams. So although we are planning on growing, we will always prioritize keeping our staff and client relationships as unaffected as possible.

One of our biggest achievements is always when a son or daughter of one of the seniors in a home calls to thank us for helping their parent regain their movement and mobility. They might have earlier been unaware of how much their parent could improve with some physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and how much their quality of life would improve as well. Some seniors start doing things they thought they were incapable of doing and regaining that function. Seeing how happy they are in accomplishing these goals is all the affirmation we need. All we dream of for the future is to be able to continue offering the best service possible.

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