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Virtual Physiotherapy is: S – Safe E- Effective A – Accessible T – requires Teamwork It is not only safe, eliminating risk of infection, but it...

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Physiotherapists: are specialists in posture, alignment and movement who help people perform better in everyday activities such as sitting...

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Rehabilitation is the action of restoring and maintaining someone’s health, mobility and normal activities to the highest level possible...

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The group exercise class is designed to improve muscle and core strength, flexibility and dynamic balance. It is conducted by a rehab assistant or...

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Physio for Seniors provides customized physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness programs, group exercise classes and virtuel physiotherapy classes to seniors either online or in-person at home, a clinic or at a senior home in Greater Vancouver.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective, personalized and quality physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness programs online and in-person to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of seniors.

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    What I really like about Physio for Seniors is the gentle and respectful service.  Also having a laugh while we work.

    I highly recommend Physio for Seniors. I have appreciated all of the help I have received from them.


    Pat YatesRetired Secretary of a Real Estate/ Insurance Firm

    Joanna is capable and committed to helping people find their own best ways of improving mobility/ability.  She has a positive attitude and really listens to me.  She is respectful of the individual differences of clients, addressing specific individual needs at their own pace.

    Gerry SnyderRetired Professor at UBC

    I have been receiving rehab from Joanna with Physio for Seniors.  After 3 months, I have increased strength and endurance.  I have sought ongoing sessions to work on core strength and abdominal muscles and to help with pain relief for my left hip and knee.

    What I really like about Joanna is that she is respectful and encouraging.  She allows me to work at my own pace which is very important to me.

    June AdamRetired Professor of Clinical Psychology