Trina Lee, the proud owner of Physio For Seniors.

Here is my story…

I chose physiotherapy as my profession to help people optimize their physical health through the various life stages by delivering quality care with integrity and passion. My training at the University of South Australia in Adelaide prepared me adequately for a fulfilling career in different healthcare settings working with a varied adult population. My clinical experience includes working in hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing homes and managing private physiotherapy practices in Singapore, USA and Canada since 2000.

In 2013, I bought over a business that had been providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to long term care homes in Greater Vancouver for 18 years. Since then, I have developed the business into “Physio for Seniors” which is expanding into independent and assisted living residences as well. The admin, physiotherapy and rehab team collaborates to find the best solutions for the clients’ needs, provide consistent and quality services while staying on top of communication and skill development.

Helping seniors improve their overall health to enjoy the golden years of their lives has been extremely gratifying for me and my dedicated team. The greatest fulfillment of my work is building relationships with my clients and seeing them regain or improve movement and mobility, while reducing pain and impediments to moving. I am confident that besides the benefits of mobility, clients are also receiving companionship, improved mood and immunity, enhanced cognitive function and quality of life. I am concerned about a client’s total health, including social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. This enables me to achieve a higher level of success than only addressing their physical needs.

My business philosophy is simple: “from your family to mine”. That means treating the client the same way as I would treat my own close family member, with care and empathy, while offering services that are customized, personal and meaningful to the individual. My treatment approach is not generic but takes into account each person’s unique needs and preferences.

When I am not working, I love traveling, hiking, figure skating, and the great outdoors. I also volunteer in a non-profit organization “Canada Ice Dance Theatre”.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and education services for seniors in Vancouver, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at