Environmental factors

  1. Tack down rugs
  2. Install grab bars in toilets, showers, where needed
  3. Store away obstacles
  4. Rearrange furniture – chair and table legs can cause tripping
  5. Ensure adequate lighting
  6. Good footwear with adequate tread, not too thick a sole or large toe box that can cause stubbing
  7. Use walking aids if needed especially for outdoor walking or uneven surfaces

Intrinsic factors

  1. General strength and conditioning to improve leg and trunk strength
  2. Posture, balance and stability training
  3. Gait training
  4. Ensure adequate sleep, nutrition
  5. Ask for physical assistance if needed
  6. Have eyesight checked
  7. Medication review – be aware of side effects of dizziness and low blood pressure
  8. Get treated for dizziness unrelated to medication

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