What I really like about Physio for Seniors is the gentle and respectful service.  Also having a laugh while we work.

I highly recommend Physio for Seniors. I have appreciated all of the help I have received from them.


Pat YatesRetired Secretary of a Real Estate/ Insurance Firm

Joanna is capable and committed to helping people find their own best ways of improving mobility/ability.  She has a positive attitude and really listens to me.  She is respectful of the individual differences of clients, addressing specific individual needs at their own pace.

Gerry SnyderRetired Professor at UBC

I have been receiving rehab from Joanna with Physio for Seniors.  After 3 months, I have increased strength and endurance.  I have sought ongoing sessions to work on core strength and abdominal muscles and to help with pain relief for my left hip and knee.

What I really like about Joanna is that she is respectful and encouraging.  She allows me to work at my own pace which is very important to me.

June AdamRetired Professor of Clinical Psychology

I am grateful to the staff, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my father out with his mobility. I only wish my family had approved treatment earlier.


Trina and the gals always gave such wonderful care to Tony. Because of them, he regained his strength, balance and the ability to walk on his own. He was a wreck when he arrived into their care, but the gals fixed him.


I found Physio for Seniors easy to work with and always dependable. Their ability to deal with difficult patients has been particularly impressive. The program helps me a lot to maintain my strength.

I enjoyed doing exercises with Physio for Seniors rehab assistants. They help me maintain my healthy well being as well as improve a positive mental health. They always help me to have an optimistic outlook in life just by being with them.

I have constantly found the warmth, level of professionalism, and service, offered by Physio for Seniors, far exceeds our expectations. Their ability to deliver meaningful care reflects on our clients that reap the benefits of their skills and service.