Virtual Physiotherapy is:

S – Safe

E- Effective

A – Accessible

T – requires Teamwork

It is not only safe, eliminating risk of infection, but it has also proven to be more effective and efficient than in-person sessions in many cases. Clients seem to progress quicker and be more proactive and consistent with self treatment.

Sessions are accessible from anywhere with a good wifi connection. It is convenient. You do not have to travel, find parking, wait for your appointment, or be in a crowded room. Simply log on in the comfort of your home.   You can access a physiotherapist that has the right expertise and is a good fit.

There is better cooperation and teamwork between physiotherapist, patient and caregiver. The patient or caregiver is educated on the problem and solution, then taught exercises, release techniques, correct posture and movement. The education and training empowers clients to take an active role in the therapy.

The technology is straight forward and simple to use. Physio for Seniors uses Jane app for online appointment booking, billing and video conferencing. Google chrome is the recommended browser. It requires mic and camera to be accessed. Whats app, zoom, Skype are other alternatives. A well lit and spacious area is recommended.