Seniors can beat  the coronavirus

Seniors aged 65 and older have been able to recover from the coronavirus while younger people have died. It appears that it is more about having an intact immunity and no major medical conditions than about chronological age. A healthy 85-year-old senior with no medical conditions who eats well and exercises regularly will be able to fight off infection better than a 60-year with chronic conditions. Of course, comparing a healthy 20-year-old to an 80-year old, generally the immune system weakens with age and the 80-year-old might take longer to recover or may need medical support.

As a strong supporter and advocate for seniors, I am greatly encouraged to hear of cases where seniors have fully recovered from the deadly virus. I am also committed to helping the elderly in the community be as healthy as they can possibly be. This is by encouraging healthy eating, adequate sleep, Vitamin supplements and regular exercise. Immunity and risk of medical conditions is partly determined by hereditary but it is important to work within one’s own sphere of control, and do that which is in one’s power. Hereditary and lifestyle factors working in one’s favour can keep the immunity as young and robust as possible, ready to fight any new virus that comes our way.