Engaging in moderately-intense aerobic activity 3 to 5 times a week has enormous benefits for immunity. Aerobic exercise works the heart, lungs and muscle more efficiently, making them resilient and capable of handling stress, including infection by pathogens.

Some explanations for the relationship between exercise and immunity include:

1. enhanced gaseous exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs

2. faster flow of nutrients and oxygen around the body and waste products out of the body

3. increased circulation and activity of cells and chemicals that are critical in immune defence to fight infection from bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus.

4. individual cells are more robust and have quicker healing and recovery times

5. reduced systemic inflammation that is associated with age-related changes

6. reduced risk of chronic medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease which in themselves, compromise the immune system

7. improved integration and homeostasis (equilibrium) in the regulation of all internal bodily processes

Balance exercise with good diet, sleep and stress reduction

The right intensity of exercise should result in a light to moderate feeling of exertion and shortness of breath. It should be prolonged for at least 30 to 60 minutes. A healthy and balanced diet, good sleep regime and stress management will enhance the positive effects of exercise.

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